My $99 bathroom update

Our house had no shortage of honey-oak cabinetry when we bought it, but room by room, I'm remedying this problem!  We'd love to eventually do a complete remodel of our master bath, but in the meantime, I had to do something about this situation:

Here's the cost break down:
1 quart of Behr satin paint in Night Club $16
Foam composite baseboard $15
Cabinet Hardware $42
New rug from Home Goods $24
Ladder back chair w/rush seat $2 garage sale
Zinsser primer - previously owned
For a grand total of $99!  

I didn't spare a minute to take a picture before I covered these babies up with some pretty dark gray/navy paint.  I used one coat of primer,  2 coats of Behr paint/primer combo and 1 coat of poly.  I rolled everything on with a sponge roller in the shower - easiest clean up around! 

The base we bought is a foam-composite material so that when water made its way on the mirror and slid down as it often does on my husbands side, the trim wouldn't warp.  A super dumb trick when painting trim is to use cans of food to prop the trim up.

Looks better already!  We used Liquid Nails and some painters tape to prop these babies up.

How'd I forgot that ugly 90's clock?  Oh well.  I painted that little ombre chair using paint samples I had on hand.  So, while I'd love to change out the tile, shower, tub, cultured marble counters, lighting, faucets, (!!!!) this is great for now!