Master Bath Remodel

I'm not gonna lie; I feel a bit like a celebrity in my newly remodeled bathroom!  It's been a lloonnggg
four months with a few injuries and more than a few mistakes, but it's done now!

This was the first before, a month after move in. Blah, blah!

And the second before, after doing a very inexpensive update. 
Shower demo.  It was later this same day that a small piece of tile came flying at the only exposed
portion of my body - my ankle - and lacerated a tendon. :( My intention was to do the tile work
 myself but I was immobile for a good 3-4 weeks!  

Shower complete!  I used a 10 inch Moen waterfall fixture and I'm in love with the rain shower effect.
I contemplated using a much shorter glass shower enclosure because this nine footer was so
expensive ($2600!) but in the end I'm so glad I didn't skimp because the shower
feels and looks so much larger. 

Almond colored tub before

And white tub after.  There was not a thing wrong with the tub except the color so for 500 bucks I had it re-finished in white.  I have yet to take a a bath, but after cleaning in and around it many times during construction, am super happy with the durability. 

So this was super fun...if it didn't take 4 hours to tape.  Long story short the guy that laid the tile did not use spacers (idiot) and the grout lines were so ridiculously off that I had to go in with a Dremel and take all the white grout out and replace it with a slate colored grout so the line difference would be minimized.  The reason for the tape? The slate was getting scratched up during the removal process so it was necessary to protect the edges. 


Boys Seattle Seahawks room

Initially I didn't think it possible, but it was!  Three beds in one room with a desk and plenty of play space!


Stenciled Ceiling

Only 10 short hours later ;) and this dining room ceiling was transformed!


Tween girls room *Before and After!*

Two reasons this room such a blast to design: One because they gave me full design reign - only that her favorite color was teal and teal walls would be great- and two because it was a total surprise to everyone in the family.  

Here she is! (excuse poor quality iPhone pics)

A few before shots:


Dining room built-in

Built in buffet after I had these beautiful cabinets put in and squared it all off with stacked trim.  

I had to figure out how to bring an early 2000's arched, mirrored, wanna-be buffet current and the mirror was the first thing to go!  We were able to use the existing countertop and had the existing cabinets painted. I added some picture molding and had it painted to match, which adds substance and continuity to the buffet/wall.



Rental house remodel

Bonus room after we sheet rocked and painted walls and cabinets.

Bonus room before

Bathroom after a complete gut reno.  I didn't have much space to work with and am really happy with the amount of style I was able to pack in with the white subway tile and dark gray grout, slate floors, shelving and updated vanity. 

Bathroom before.